How the Bank of England Base Rate Impacts your Mortgage Rate

Changes in the Bank of England base rate can impactdifferent people in different ways. This can depend upon whether you’re on atracker, discount or SVR mortgage when that rate does change. The current Bank of England base rateThe base rate is currently sitting at 0.25%, which is ahistorically low level, despite being even lower prior […]

What Economic Factors Contribute to a Change in Residential Mortgage Rates?

What Economic Factors Contribute to a Change in Residential Mortgage Rates? Residential mortgage rates have risen considerably towards the end of 2022 and into 2023. According to a recent report from the BBC, higher rates mean that some people have put off buying a home or renewing their mortgages. But does this leave a potential gap […]

Where is the Best Place to Go for Advice on Property Investing?

Where is the Best Place to Go for Advice on Property Investing? Investing in property has long been considered a sound and reliable investment option, but if you’re new to property investment then you may be wondering where you should go for advice. Luckily, because property investment is such a large and popular market, you […]

Is Buying a Property Abroad Different to Buying One in the UK?

You are an established investor in the UK property market and understand how to both buy and sell property within the home market. But now you’re ready to expand your portfolio: so, where to next? Overseas properties can pose a sound investment for real estate investors, but buying a property abroad can be very different […]

Real Estate Investing for Beginners – Where Do I Start?

Real estate investment is one of the most popular kinds of investment in the UK, and for good reason: you can see where your money is going, you are investing in something tangible, and the real estate market is considered to be a safe investment opportunity. But if you’ve never invested in real estate before […]

How to protect yourself from inflation

Inflation is a serious concern for many people. It can cause the value of your money to decrease over time, and make it difficult to afford basic necessities. In this blog post, we will discuss how to protect yourself from inflation and keep your hard-earned money safe! What Causes Inflation? Inflation is caused by several […]

The Impact of the Latest Base Rate Movement

As we now know, in the first meeting of 2022, the Bank ofEngland voted to increase its base rate from 0.25% up to 0.50%. This has been aresponse to the rise in inflation that we have seen as a result of the COVIDpandemic. The Bank of England has forecast that we will see a height […]

How the COVID Pandemic has Impacted the Property Market

The UK property market has perhaps not been hit with such alarge potential threat since the 2008 financial crisis. Throughout the COVID-19pandemic, the UK property market has had to navigate itself through anuncertain maze of difficulty and unexpected challenges. Let’s also not forgetBrexit as well. Overall, the combination of COVID and Brexit could potentiallyhit the […]

Is the Mortgage Market due to Calm Down in 2022?

We are seeing many mortgage lendersexpecting a return to normal of the housing market in 2022. This comes after arather chaotic experience in 2021 brought on by the pandemic. There have been instances of fiercecompetition, gazumping, outbidding, and mass movement of people. Manyindividuals have decided to move into properties with more outdoor space orspace with […]

Housing Market: Key Economic Indicators

The first quarter of the year has seen an increase of 5.7percent. At least that’s what the latest index released by the famous GetAgentwebsite indicates. The biggest factor behind this rise has been the stamp dutyholiday introduced by the government last year. But all that the stamp dutyholiday has done is provided a certain support […]