What to Expect in 2021 | Mortgage Market Update

As things slowly move towards normalisation, the housingmarket seems to be on the brink of unpredictability. Despite seeing an all timehigh at the end of last year, thanks in part to the stamp duty holiday, thereis still a question looming over the housing market on whether a slump is dueor not. While predicting the fluctuations […]

Is the stamp duty holiday inflating the UK property market boom?

The UK property market is booming right now as we enter intosummer 2021. House prices have increased on average by 15% compared with thistime last year, and it seems that all the uncertainty surrounding the economyhas not exactly gone away, but is now on the back burner when it comes to buyingproperty. There are several […]

Mortgage Lending Statistics – March 2021

So far down the road, the housingmarket and mortgage lending seems to be sustaining well in the UK, despite thecontinued struggle with the COVID19 and the lockdown restrictions. As the restrictions are slowlybeing lifted, the economy of the country seems to be headed towards an upwardtrajectory. Business activities are booming, unemployment rate is falling asthe […]