Equity release against luxury asset

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A long term client of our approached us with an urgent need to release some capital. They were part way through a remortgage on a large semi-commercial property, as well as having recently purchased a new residential property. The clients liquidity was unusually low given the circumstances


Having established the client was needing to complete quickly, coupled with our knowledge of his real estate portfolio – we opted to look at solutions using the clients wider asset collections – specifically, he substantial watch collection which is owned outright.


We saved the client any Capital Gains Tax by mitigating the need to sell any of the assets, and saved the heartache of having to part with any – instead we were able to connect him to a lender which was able to release funds the same day.

The facility also had no repayment charges – which meant that after the remortgage of his semi-commercial completed, he was able to repay the loan without any penalties. Making this an extemeley cost effective solution.

LTV – 50%

Rate – 5% PA