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With a portfolio of over 60 properties – many of which are with various lenders – John required support navigating the end of his mortgage terms. He initially intended to refinance his five longest-held properties, before moving on to the others in his portfolio, with a long-term plan of incorporating his portfolio from a Partnership to a Limited Company using [Section 162 Incorporation Relief]. Traditionally, this would form a two-stage move, as the change of legal ownership would require a new mortgage.


Inviting John to take advantage of our intricate network, we sought the support of a contact at a high-profile specialist bank, as well as the firm’s head of credit. We negotiated that the lender would refinance the client’s entire portfolio into a single facility, creating a significant capital raise opportunity. To seal the deal, we negotiated that it would be underwritten as both Partnership and Limited Company at the application stage, with credit approval for both granted. This allowed the client to fully incorporate his portfolio 6 months later, without paying for new valuations (£22k) and a new arrangement fee of (£60k). Focused on minimal effort and maximum returns, John only had to pay a small administration fee to the lender.


John can now enjoy the benefits of a streamlined, easy-to-manage portfolio, all under a single, 5-year-fixed loan. On top, he released over £500,000 for further investment, and was able to incorporate his property business without any further cost, allowing him to enjoy savings of £80,000 in annual interest – even after the capital raise.