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Welcome to the Propertyze team.


We’re intentionally different. While we’re often referred to as innovators and industry leaders, to our team, it’s just another day of nurturing our clients’ goals. It’s never been about how many deals we can stack under our belt – it’s about acting as the crutch beneath our client’s portfolios, opening the door to large-scale developments, and pushing the boundaries of possibilities, transforming the finance market for future generations.

To us, client-first isn’t a marketing gimmick; it’s woven through our every move. Centred on seamless client journeys, from our open lines of communication, commitment to managing expectations, and flair for unlocking world-class terms to our deep desire to take your wildest goals and bring them to life, we live and breathe the art of cutting-edge finance solutions. Your portfolio, yourway.

Put simply, we won’t just hear you – we’ll truly listen. Combining our unparalleled industry experience and rich cross-border network with an unwavering passion forsecuring lucrative deals, we’ll lead with a focus on your short, medium, and long-term objectives. Refusing to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach, we’ll hand-build a strategy in-line with your goals, creating a portfolio that is as future-proof as it is lucrative.


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What Does A Commercial Broker Do?

Scott West introduces the company and talks us through the role of a commercial broker.

It’s a fairly generic term so I tend to break it down into two areas. Retail brokers will connect you with finance brands you’ll have heard of, like Santander, Halifax, The Mortgage Works. As a client, if you’ve got standard income, a standard property and a standard credit report you will probably fit that retail category.

But if any one of those three things, your credit circumstances, your income or your property are not standard, that’s where a commercial broker becomes really valuable. It depends which one of those three things is the sticking point. If it’s a unique property there are certain lenders we will go to; if it’s the credit or your income, other lenders will give you a better deal or they will take a view on what is or isn’t poor credit.

Essentially, we take a commercial view of the deal. You’re probably still a very good customer. You’ve probably got the right income and property, but perhaps you missed a payment on your phone bill two months ago. Our job is to take that commercial view and present you to a lender as profitable or valuable to them.

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