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As the owner of a central London-based home worth £3.6m, this client required expert support raising enough capital to purchase a nearby property, valued at £3m. As a French national, with virtually no UK income or liquid assets, her wealth was tied to a French trust fund, presenting difficulties in accessing UK-based finance solutions.


Calling upon our problem-solving nature and breadth of connections, we took the client’s existing property, proposed purchase, and details of their French trust to a private bank. In response, the lender agreed to create a solution that not only allowed the client to purchase the property, but to raise the legal and purchase costs in the transaction, using the French trust as a source of repayment.


The client raised the funds required, purchased the property, and paid all the associated purchase and legal costs – all without dipping into their savings or providing any legal charge over the trust in France. As a result, the client now receives £8000 per month in rental income from each of the properties, creating a reliable, UK-based income stream, outside of the trust fund assets.

Value: £6,600,000

Loan: £3,600,000

Rate: 2.1% over base for 5 years